Fruit, it's good-candy

ADDED: It's Wednesday...OH! I added a few more to the bottom :)
(Teaque, don't misinterpret this, it is definitely a stab at you...fruit fruit fruit!) (Referencing you calling me a Fruit Stalker in the comments of last post...)
Q's... What's your eye-candy? What's your favorite food? What inspires you?

For more yummy photos,

here's my Pretty Fruit Flickr Group :)

(Feel free to join my Flickr Group and add your own pretty fruit photos!)


  1. You, of course. YOU inspire me :-)

    p.s. you package is going to be finished soon.... I'm so excited!

  2. mmmmmm, all these pictures looks so delicious!

  3. fruitwise, it is the raspberry. and i just love anything green and vintage pottery, sewing notions and fabric.

  4. Beautiful pictures of fruit! I really love the rasberry finger puppets. That photo made me laugh out loud (or LOL as the kids are saying).

  5. love your fruit photos. they look tasty!


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