I dig it

A *few* faves lately... cause I'm a link Monster...
Great Shops:
This shop blows my mind... http://honeybee.etsy.com/
"Wowzer", I'm in love with this!
and if i had babies, I'd totally be all over Amanda's wares, http://mskat.etsy.com/
and I'd like to rent a baby just so i can use these pretty things, http://gorgeousbaby.etsy.com/
New Blogs I'm Enjoying:
(More good ones in my sidebar too)
Good Music I've Been Pulling Out Again:
Jimmy Eat World (good makeout cd ;)
Lisa Loeb (tails)
Can I Please Go Here?!:
New Fave Color:
Yellow's been on my mind a LOT. I might give army/olive green a short reign and let Yellow be my next favorite color!
New Favorite Font:
Fling! (like on Blueprint, my fave magazine!)
Totally buying this on iTunes tonight:
Jump on It! (ahahaha, Ace Burpies fave!)
and a better non-live version of Under Pressure ...which I'm noticing intro's like Ice Ice Baby (which i HAVE the cd to!) (which Amanda and I broke out in song to last week at Grandmas "Police on the scene, You know what I mean, they passed me up, confronted all the dope fiends...")
K, lunch break is over. Enjoy the Links :)
Shout out to Jessica of Funky Finds... who really needs a blog that she talks (personally) on, cause she's awesome, super cool and hilarious! *Hint* Jess ;)
Last thing, new CHA stuff is coming out...and it rocks. More here :)


  1. Wow! i won't be able to leave my computer at all today thanks to you. But i have to, so this will be fun to explore later.

  2. Goodness - the linkage is out of control... I don't think I EVEN have that many faves!!

  3. you really are a link monster. :)
    i´ll need to check those tomorrow, because now i´ll go and see some dreams.

  4. You would so love Sweetpeas and Snapshots. I went there last month and took pictures of the store, I thought it was so cool.

    The gal that was helping me at the shop does custom scrapbooks for the celebs in LA! No, joke...

  5. Awwww! Yay! Thanks for checking my blog! I love your spirit, Leigh Ann. Seriously, looked through your flickr pics and thought, "she's someone I could totally be friends with!!"

  6. oh yes, and the weepies are definitely one of my favorites these days...for realsies!

  7. L-A...you MUST check out my blog..happy happy stuff there!!!

    luv the links!


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