Here's my ff's for this week, see each of them here plus these 1 + 1 that didn't fit in the square.
k, lol! i just already had a fulfilling day. 7am: took the bus (sat beside a woman with mothball perfume), with the heat ON in the bus, and then... busdriver PUSHED a stroller OUT of the bus to help the mom (it fell down the STAIRS) and i SHREAKED OUT LOUD b/c i thought there was a baby in it!!!! (AGHHH, i don't get why he was so aggressive either way?!) But then...it happened! As i walked up to the door of my work, i realized: Oh SNAP! i forgot to grab my keys... So i had 40minutes to kill till Ley got into to work... BACKLANE PHOTOSHOOT TIME; One should ALWAYS carry a camera for opportunities like these :-) !!! I got sweaty (Claudine Hellmuth reference), and i don't care. I had a lot of FUN!
I'll post the pictures after work ;)


  1. you have already acomplished shreiking and a backlane photoshoot before i am even out of bed - you exhaust me little sis. i think that you and Hannah should spend a day together - you have the same energy level (lol)

  2. Ha! You crack me up and always manage to make me LOL! No joke! You may get tired of me typin that, all the time, but I just want you to know that you help me to laugh and brighten my day, all the time! You always paint the picture so well that it's like I'm there, and laughing hysterically at your reactions!! I love it! I love you! *kiss kiss* (without passin the bugs) :)

  3. hey you!! I forgot my Get Sweaty reference! LOL! isn't that from my podcasts. can't remember! LOL!

  4. love our flickr favs!! :)


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