I'd lose it! gaga! pb overload! HELLO!

(Photo from Photobooth.net)
i'm at work today... going to the photobooth tonight, i thought of a fun prop! a red and white polka dot umbrella (don't have one yet...), it'll make the photo curve forward and be super bright behind my teal shirt (good teal, not mcdonalds decor teal) i'm wearing today :) i have to take a few strips for friends for my trade :)... then we're going to my sister in laws for steak dinner. i've been in my studio pretty solid for a few weeks, so it'll be nice to spend time with fam, and take the night off! it's majorly raining here today. looks like night outside, for real. hows you weather?


  1. can't wait to see your photos! and i want a steak darn it! :) it's hot as hell here. humid...bad hair!

  2. Hot hot hot hot hot! But should cool down this week. Went to Granville Island today! You'll have to go back some time and have nice memories of it :)

    Yay photobooths!

  3. wowzers!!! Do they say that in CA?

  4. yes, we say wowzers (i do at least)...i don't know about California though... (lol, CA)


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