ELEVEN Years Ago Today

August 24, 1996...I was doing this:
My Aunt Kim and Uncle Brian took me on a vacation with them to Nanaimo, BC for a Whale Watching Excursion. I was big into Whales at the time. Like, I woulda given my life to save one. Especially Keiko. Anyways, we were beach combing, and I went to walk across what seemed like a solid flat pile of dried seaweed. WRONG!! It was a waistdeep valley of rotten seaweed, and I FELL IN! I felt snakes swimming past my legs, almost got sick from the smell, and worst of all, lost my one of my only sandles. The above picture is of me and Uncle Brian trying to quickly find my sandle. I was nearly in tears over the grossness of the situation. I have a pretty weak stomach. Aunty Kim redirected her photoshooting of the lighthouse to lovingly capturing my embarrasment with pointing&laughing and photos(which she chose to share out our wedding! LOL). Hehe. I now find the following photos a bit more funny&embarrassing than the above noted. Lol, this is on our trip. It was 1996, I was 15 years old. I had a perm and weird bangs. And I was in that "awkward" development stage...if you know what i mean, lol. And yes, I was totally wearing a whale t-shirt, fake men's workboots (ankle cut!) and homemade plaid boxershort shorts. Remember those? lol.
I'll never forget the trip though. It was amazing!


  1. sharing stories like this makes me SO glad I wasn't the only one to have an awkward stage too.

    Does it seem like girls these days are just skipping the awkward stage, and going straight to huge boobed, high heel wearing, make up plastered, hair slicked back women? What happened to acne, and your parents making you buy sensible clothing?

  2. What a veiw! Isn't it funny how awkward we all are that that age? I can't beleive some of the things (homemade too of course) I wore, and the hair! I love your whale tshirt - that's so cute and dorky! How cool to have such vivid memories of that day and the pics to go with it.

  3. um can i just say that i truly understand the horrors of stinking seaweed and the fact that you are not scarred for life is remarkable. I will keep you safe from all seaweed monsters when you come to visit the westcoast.

  4. wow, rotting seaweed!! i would have reacted the sameway, so glad you didn't get hurt.
    gorgeous pics!!

  5. I heard somewhere that seaweed is good for the skin? Is there any truth to that?

    Someone would have to be awfully nasty to take such a picture while you were stuck in seaweed with killer snakes that suck around your ankles and pull you under!

    How dare they! They must have been family! Did you have to get on a ferry at all afterwards with wet smelly closes? Hmmmm....

    A trip to remember I would think! How was the whale watching part of the trip?

    AKA Sign Pose


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