FF & Superbad

It's FRIDAY! Here's my Flickr faves (FF) for the week :) A lot of "People Pix" inspired me this week...last week i'd say it was Colour. (See each foto here)
Tys and I had datenite last night. We went to the HomeDepot (lol Mom&Dad), went for supper and went to see Superbad. My review of that movie is mixed. It was really funny, but I would have preferred a PG-13 version. My favorite part happened to be the opening credits. I really like the style & visual inspo. McLovin and the cops bring an unexpected funny addition to this comedy. Loved Michael Cera (from my all-time favorite show, Arrested Development).


  1. well...I'm interested to see superbad too. Unfortuantely, now that we have that blockbuster online thing, we are too cheap to go out to moview anymore. We always think, "well man! We can just rent this in three months!" hah!

  2. I thought superbad was hilarious, but I agree... the language and such was a bit much.

  3. i want to see superbad really bad
    lol :)


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