26 Things Before 27

Inspired from Elsie's blog, 26 things I'm going to do before I turn 27.
1. Write a book.
2. Have the little girls in my neighborhood over for a craft party. 3. Teach Lola to say "I love Momma" (i've already been working on this for a year)
4. Loose 20 lbs (and this uninvited double chin) by exercising.
5. Take a picture every day for a year (started this June 2nd)
6. Payoff $2500 of debt.
7. Plant some flowers. (ya, it's August, but it'll be practice for next summer :)
8. Somehow improve my bad memory.
9. Go to the Air Museum with Tyson.
10. Go skinny dipping.
11. Get out of the house more.
12. Learn the words to Hello Goodbye "It is Love" and sing it to Tyson.
13. Read my Bible. I miss God.
14. Pluck Tyson's eyebrows.
15. Reach 100 sold things on etsy.
17. Send handmade gifts to 8 people for fun :)
18. Eat no junk food for one solid month. September!
19. Finish all my unfinished creations.
20. Dance like nobodies watching.
21. Learn how to make rice and coffee.
22. Finish the renos on our house.
23. Make a youtube something.
24. Buy a car.
25. Declutter our home.
26. Go on a roadtrip with my Tyson.
I've linked this in my sidebar; i'll cross/check them off as I do them :) Due date/My birthday = April 11.


  1. great list - guess I better do mine. I was needing something to blog about.

  2. tania stearns-smith8/08/2007 05:49:00 pm

    i will eat no junk food with you for september if you need a buddy.
    great list by the way. I am waiting for the house to go to sleep before i start mine

  3. Hey, L.A.! So, what's this about missing God??? Ya know, in order to miss someone you have to be away from them. So, I didn't realize that you were....what's up buttercup? I wanted to email you but since I'm in mexico, using their computer for my email and everything takes longer so since I was on your blog (laughing my butt off) I decided this was easiest. So, if you wanna email me that would be awesome! Emails are especially the highlight of my day, here! :) So, do fill me in on all this. And you go to church on wednesday so you don't have to get up on Sundays? Come on, now! Hope to hear from you soon baby cakes!

    p.s. have you been reading my blog? I'm trying to be funny and interesting like you are! you're my inspiration, for real!! Dawg! :)

  4. i like this idea too....
    i saw it on elsie's blog too and it looks like a fun thing to try ( and challenge yourself)
    ...speaking of elsie...
    i got a whole bunch of her line in stock for my shop!!!
    check out my blog for some pic's of her stuff i got in!

  5. I love your list. Just a warning, it gets longer every year instead of shorter (hehe). Love skinny dipping, wish there were more opportunities. Love having neighbor girls over for crafting, but definitely not a good time to skinny dip. I read recently the coffee helps with memory in aging women. Perhaps you can check off 8&21 together!

  6. can you add "pay jessica's debt off" to your list? LOL what kind of book would you like to write? great list! now make a layout!!! :)

  7. Hey Leigh Ann...this IS a great idea. I'm going to implement it on my blog today! supah!

  8. I'll read more bible more with you. *smiles*


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