Going Healthy in September

Yes, it's 9:30am and I'm eating a chocolate bar. It's a Finland bar though (from Inka), so maybe they make them healthy in Finland?
(ya, this is me. i'm a coke whore.) (cola)
Okay, let's get down to business: Me and Tania are Going Healthy in September and we want to invite y'all to join us. We're cutting out all the crap, but you can make your own healthy rules. We're just trying to detox the junk and eat healthy. I will not be having ANY coke people!! Coke is my coffee. Risky!
Tania and I are going to keep each other accountable and support each other. If you need a partner, I'll hook you up!
Note: I chose September to avoid Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas treats temptations, *stratigic*
I'll do a sweet draw (with a big awesome prize) at the end of September for the people that did the month with us!
Sign your name & email and your rules for yourself in the comments (or email me) and join our 'Going Healthy in September' Movement!


  1. Can't wait to see who joins us!!

  2. name: joy
    e-mail: ninjaprincess@comcast.net

    goals: 1. eat more friuts and vegetables and less bread and sugar.
    2. Drink soda in moderation (less than 5 per week)-diet soda makes me totally agro-i wish i liked it like some people do.
    3. be active every chance i get, play more disc golf, go swimming, dance when i hear music, practice hooping frequently.
    4. still enjoy unlimited tea and coffee because i work my tail off and i deserve it.

    thanks for doing this, i have noticed with the past few weeks being really hot that i have been craving more fruits and vegetable and less bread and sugar and now i have to try to keep that going because i really do feel healthier.

    also, love your blog, etsy shop, and flickr-keep up the good work

  3. mckay
    1) exercise 2 timer per week (realistic)
    2)not drink diet cola but on weekends)
    3)not eat fries or chips or candy. oo boy.
    4)listen to music and dance while i wash dishes. exercise/feelgood/productive. yikes.

  4. Carrot sticks and celery , here we come.......

    AKA Signature pose

  5. Name: Amanda
    email: adross1@mts.net

    1. ride my new bike MORE!
    2. eat out less
    3. drink more water at home
    4. make and eat healthier meals
    5. eat more veggies and fruit

    now the fruit part is going to be hard for me because I can't ever bring myself to eat lots of fruit as I have never ever been a fruit eater. I'll buy bananas and apples and even grapes with good intensions, but they go bad in my fridge.....this will be a challenge...... oh boy! :P


  6. Welcome to the challenge ladies.
    Are you counting down until the first of September? I am not. "I figure enjoy it while i can"
    I am with you Amanda on the eating fruit thing- don't like to eat it either.

  7. I want to join, too. :)
    Name: Inka
    E-mail: inkalaajoki@gmail.com

    Here´s my rules:
    1. Eat no burgers, fries or pizzas.
    2. Drink lots of water.
    3. Try to exercise more.
    4. Only eat chocolate and candy in weekends. And only small chocolate bars!
    5. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

    Man, it´s going to be a hard month, because I´ll be without the regular school food (I´m on the practise period the whole month). I just need to start cooking more myself. :)
    Don´t know how I manage the chocolate part...

  8. Count me in Leigh-Ann!! I'm an cutting out all processed foods (with the exception of whole wheat/gain pasta & rice).

    I am following the Weight Watchers CORE plan.

  9. i'm definitely in! i promised myself to take dieting and excercise more seriously and this support group only helps!

    1.no chocolate, candy, brownies,etc.
    2. no fried food
    3. more fruits and vegetables
    4. exercise 3 times a week
    5. only 2 diet dr peppers a week (my huge weakness)

    we can do it ladies!!

    name:lisa marie

  10. I just noticed this- love it- something I really need to join! I will walk 3x a week, drink way more water, get to bed by 10, and only eat chocolate on Saturday. I can't cut it out all together- not yet! thanks for the inspiration. kristill@hotmail.com

  11. This is great! I have already given up soda and joined a gym.

    How about 5 servings of veggies a day as my goal.

  12. Bobbi

    Okay I had already planned on starting the health kick again in September, so this will just be some added inspiration.

    LA you can kick the pop if that's what you want. I was/am a diet coke addict. I've been clean since April 2. I haven't had a drop of pop at all since April 1.

    My goals will be:
    1. exercise for at least 30 mins. 3 times a week
    2. get to bed by 10 pm every night
    3. NO chips until I feel I am in control enough to eat them in moderation
    4. Make lunches at least twice a week
    5. Try to eat breakfast more often

    Oh and a tip for anyone trying to kick a pop addiction try Aquafina Sparkling it's a really refreshing carbonated water that tastes great and is only 10 calories.

  13. momma @ the beach8/30/2007 10:23:00 am

    Hi Leigh-Ann
    I'm on the bandwagon for September. It's time to get back to reality, back to work, and back to a more balanced diet, and more vegatables. It will be easier because I eat salads most of the time for lunch.

    1. 5 servings of vegatables a day
    2. no coke except maybe 1 on the weekend at the lake (coke is not a big problem for me)
    3. exercise more -3 days a week for at leas 1/2 hour.
    4. join weight watchers in Sept.
    5. give up Friday snack day at work (this will be VERY HARD, every friday clean up crew brings baked goodies, chip, cheesies, cheese and crackers all the good things that are hard to resist)
    6. reduce the serving size and weekly consumption of ice cream (this has become a bit of a problem at the lake this summer, can't have enough ice cream)
    7. All of these to the exception of the 1 weekend of the girls camping weekend, I think somewhere around Sept.20, free for all!!!

    I better quit and keep this realistic and attainable. The thing is we'll probably all go nuts Oct. 1 and eat all of this.

    Love you Leigh-Ann, see you on the weekend.
    Signed with my finger prick blood

  14. Good job Mom!!!
    (But you forgot about all the wine ;)
    This will make this weekend a lot easier!
    Can't wait to see you and the twins :) (Oh--and everyone else, of course)
    Love Leigh-Ann
    ps> I'm giving up jello-fruit salad for September too ;)

  15. hi leigh anne.Surprize,it's grandma
    what a great idea to encourage others to try and lose weight.I just might join you in your adventure.Starting September.By the way ,if you spoke to a dietician ,cheese whiz is just colored fat and not cheese at all. sorry to dissapoint you little chicken.I enjoy your blog and read them often.keep up the good work.
    Eat lots of vegetables and fruit and cut down on junk food especially the ones that are heavly flavored with salt ,thats my downfall ,salt.It makes you retain water. Love Grandma

  16. Good idea!

    Me: no soda or alcohol (!)

    Email: acertainslantoflight at hotmail dot com

    Blog: www.sylviatheteacher.blogspot.com

  17. I want in! Rather, I NEED in!

    Reducing serving sizes. No fast food.

    Walking the kids to the park everyday!


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