Shippin Out & 90's Contest

Shipped out a few photobooth albums this morning (Alice: doy ou recogni zethis pap er?)
In the background you can see some of my white & seashell buttons collection. I use my button collections as decoration in my home. Tip: put your collections out in old jars! it's fun :)
Now I am announcing the winner of the "pssssss...the nineties called" contest! Everyone's entries were funny and 'totally rad', but the one that made me laugh the most was definately "Chambawama". My sister put that one (we think the same so she had some advantage) but she said she wanted one of you all to win, so my second choice was "crimped hair" submitted by Teaque. This one was close to my heart b/c I totally french fried my hair all the time and thought it was the coolest. If anyone had put spandex or not doing up one side of your coveralls, or colored jeans (i had red!), they woulda been strong contendors too. Honorable Mention goes to Kim for actually digging out evidence of her 90-ness.
Teaque, congratulations! You win this... :)
We're shipping out too. We're going to Kenora (Tys' hometown) tonight till Sunday night.
Please keep our family in your prayers. We traggically lost a loved one this week, and we will be gathering for his funeral on Saturday :*(
Love you all,


  1. wooty woot woot!!! I won! How much fun is that! Thanks!!

  2. Drive safely!

    We have to get together sometime next week - I have the week off VL! And tomorrow too! Excited! Anyway, let's find time ... maybe lunch and something.

    The other T in your life!

  3. awwww...i'm jealous!!!

    sorry to hear about your loss LA...big hugs!!!

  4. I love your jars of buttons. My thoughts are with you and yours :(


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