"pssssst...the nineties called"

Remember these...from back in the nineties?
YA! I totally saw a woman sportin it today! I nearly slammed on the brakes trying to see if she also had on those ankle-height cowboy boots and safety pins tappering her pants at her ankles! Maybe a teal banana clip too?!
...listening to Debbie Gibson on her tape cassette walkman?
...wearing slouch socks?
Name some more 90's parafanalia! I'll give/mail a little prize to the best 90's-ness... Enter as many as you want. Clothes, Trends, Lingo, PopCulture...anything 90's! Go!
(Include your name)
ARE WE SEEING THIS!?! Kim's contest entry is THIS photo of herself from 1994!!! LAUGH OUT LOUDZER! (Bonus Points for the massive matching SCRUNCHY!!)


  1. oh dang. so i shouldn't wear that shirt on friday? ;)

  2. Hallar!! DO IT!!!!!
    Don't forget some good ole Transconna Hair! (=Big/Lots of Hair Spray/Poofy Bangs) and drive up in a tri-color camaro! I would CRACK UP!!!

  3. 'i think we're alone now' was HUGE (tiffany), black rubber bracelets and tight cotton mini skirts with ankle length lace bottom tights underneath (inspired by madonna, oh and her knot tied beaded necklaces too!)...
    ohhh, and don't forget rollerskating to the sounds of 'you spin me round', 'funkytown' and 'bizarre love triange'! and let's not forget EVERYONE wearing black sunglasses EVERYWHERE (indoors too) because of Corey Hart's 'i wear my sunglasses at night'...
    the word 'TOTALLY' was used at least once in every sentence....
    i will be back with more...this is fun to reminecse!!!

  4. baby doll dresses (preferably with a floral print!)

  5. Body Piercing! Yikes! It was (and still is) everywhere. And I spent too many years pursuading my daughter NOT to have piercings. In the end, she opted for an earring at the top of her ear. More popular in the 1990s though, was the belly-button piercing and short-short-Ts to show-off. T

  6. plaid shirts, ripped jeans, chucks and long greasy hair.

  7. And to think that a century ago - the "18"90s - that the fashion craze was "un"corseted tea dresses. Man, have we come along way since then. T.

  8. mmm..the '90's..all i gotta say is "ice ice baby"

    also, thanks for the little hello!!!i was wondering "do i know you?" i've actually checked out your blog before. pretty cool stuff... so...howdy neighbour!! we'll chat again!!

  9. Sunglasses, the plastic ones, neon colours, and Zack Morris' hair.

    luv you

    and the word babe, fresh prince of belair etc.


  10. LLLLAAAAAA!!!!! (can U hear me now?)
    i can't belive you did that! (that's so freakin funny!!!) and DOUBLE points??? not TRIPLE points for the 'forgot to mention' goose-egg on the top of my head for digging this beautie out from under the stairs for you? HAHAHAHAHA! kidding....
    well, i'm sure i'll be getting all kinds of emails now...
    fun stuff! :O)

  11. Amanda (Sister)6/22/2007 09:53:00 am

    1)those circle things with bar thru it that you put thru the bottom corner of your t-shirt(looks like a veto symbol)

  12. You Can't Do that on Television's & Moose! What????? SPLOOSH!

  13. way to dig deep jill!
    That was the weirdest show ever! But it had some kind of power over me..that and "the Girl from Tomorrow" and "Round the Twist" ...did anybody else watch these shows?

  14. Amanda (Sister)6/25/2007 09:47:00 am

    4. Ghostwriter

  15. Overall shorts. (What were we thinking?) Bill and Ted. Dazed and Confused. Terminator. Pauly Shore. House of Pain (Jump up, Jump up and Get Down!). Roseanne and Grace Underfire.

  16. Don't forget the stirrup pants!! OH and were diaper pants at least that's what we called them (MC Hammer pants - can't touch this...) were those the nineties?? Those were soooo cool and comfy - I'm bringing those back... I even made my own pair for 4H - go me! Heck 4H was probably even a 90's thing......

  17. "i like to get jiggy with it"

  18. I so have the winner - CRIMPED HAIR!!!

  19. OH! I have the ultimate!! Do you remember the movie Clueless??!

  20. two words
    Mall Hair
    you know those high bangs in the front that a can of hairspray was needed to get "The Look"

  21. nobody else loved their parachute pants???


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