Scrapbook Royalty!

Phone Call: *rinnng, ring*
Tyson: Hello?
LA: HI TYSON! It's LEIGH-ANN KEFFER AND I'M IN A STRETCH SUV LIMO!!!! HOW COOOOOL!!!!!" Tyson: laughs..."Have fun baby!"
The Coolest!!! I was invited to the Scrapbooking by Design Customer Appreciation Night (cause i'm one of the 50 top spenders or something, lol) and IT WAS SO FREAKIN FUN!!!!
None of us knew it, but there was 2 SUV limo's waiting outside to drive us to our group photoshoot at the Leg Fountains (not Leg, it like you're French)... Anyways... it was the coolest! (I've never been in a limo, it was totally like America's Next Top Model!!) And I made friends with a very nice woman, Denise...who caught my attention with her shirt from the John Mayer concert :)
And then we got back to the store and shopped our butts off! We each got a sweet free$ gift card and 25% off EVERYTHING in the store (and there was lots of nice food)!
*SMILE* With all the sales I've been having lately (thank-you everyone, I am so thank-full to you all!), I was able to afford myself THIS!!! and this new amazing glue gun...and more Love, Elsie and paper(of course)!!! Yeeee! Lots of new ideas brewing in my head...can't wait to make make make :)
Thanks Penny, Dave, Barb, Nita and Audrey!! Love you SBD!!


  1. Wow!!!! That must have been so much fun. And you got free gift cards and 25% off.. I'm impressed and jealous. ;)

    (by the way, i can´t see the "this" link. all the others i can. and i´d love to see what "this" is! :))

  2. "THIS" is cool! I'm getting even more jealous. lol!

  3. NO way!! I didn't know you got to do that!! How fun!! Congrats and I wanna play with your scoring tool.... can you bring it over tonight??

  4. I just got home and thought I'd check my e-mail before I dug into the basement! I took several boxes of stuff to the Thrift Store down on Pembina Highway - yeah. I made them unload to which one lady says "how did you get the stuff in here". I white-lied! You know, you are GIVING them stuff that they are going to sell and make a PROFIT on, and they had trouble unloading! Hmmmmm. I missed yesterday. Was so looking forward to going, but my brother decided that yesterday was the day to come in from the country and put my new wood floor in my living/dining room area. I'm happy it's done, but it was a long week of working and then rushing home and prepping every night! Pulled it off, but now tired. So, now on to the rest of the house. Hubby not home till Friday night - a lot can be done in that time. If the heat would just dam''''d let off.


  5. looks like good fun! lucky you!

  6. How fun! Can't wait to see what you create. Love your banner.

  7. sounds like a major FUN OVERLOAD!!! penny is amazing...what a generous gift to her loyal patrons!!! and lucky you to be on the receiving end of it!!
    life's little surprises are nice aren't they??
    good for you LA! glad you had such a fun time!!

  8. Got my cutie pie mini albums today!! THey are soooo stinkin cute! THanks!! TQ

  9. when the "F" did this all happen

    to all my fans i got a new car so you paparazzi fans/stockers wont recognize me for awhile

    LeighAnn post a link to my facebook, you know cause im cool so why not

  10. RIGHT ON!!!
    OMG L-A it looks like you had so much FUN..good times roll when you can go scrapshopping in a LIMO!!!

  11. Okay, so none of you pulled a Paris, right? Everyone DID enter and exit the limo with panties, correct? :-)

  12. this is my favorite post, because it was one of the first that i read when i first found your blog and in it you look and sound like the rock star that you are. your posts are all quite inspiring, but this one made me feel cool and glamourous for a minute when i was reading.


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