hey Ladies (ie: Teaque, Michele & Jill; Kody's crushes)

Here's the new press release. I wasn't aloud to talk about it till the weekend in case Alex (Kody's friend) reads my blog. Which i pasha laughed at. Now he's put it out there. He.... got a new car and it IS awesome!! Here's some photos I took of him last week when he cruised up...with his hot...Mom slash Roomate. his myspace (mind the music choice) and his facebook In other news... - I got the new Tegan and Sara today on iTunes and it pretty much blows my singsong mind. Can't wait for the concert in October...going with one half of Pashli, the Ashli part. - Inka, I got the mail :) The buttons are sweet, (they'll be *perfect*) and all the Finland chocolate...haven't tasted it yet. It was in the mailbox all day and hasn't quite solidified yet. Lol! It was goo... pretty funny! Glad it wasn't loose!
- (regarding the melted mailbox chocolate from Inka): Tyson (chocolate addict) got a little crazy when it arrived... he was like "OH NO! It MELTED!"..."PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE, PUT ITTTT IN THE FRIDGE! or it will NEVER solidify!" and i was like... "TYSON! chill!!! it will be OKAY!!!" Then he fell to the floor rocking like a baby in the fetal position.... (lol. kidding about the last part) - Posting my slideshow of Julys' 365 photos tomorrow ...there's some fun ones :) - I was loading my groceries into the trunk today, and turned around to see my cart of food being blown across the parking lot right towards a parked (nice) car... i yelled at it (i don't know why) and ran catching it just in time. A woman from the other side of the (huge) parking lot was laughing (loudly) at me... and we had a moment. - what should Kody name his new car? It's a girl.


  1. SHAR HERE: For some reason his car seems to me to be czechislovakian (sic) or some other small foreign country nationality and I think it should be called Natasha or Grabriella. What you do you think Kody?

  2. yay! chocolates arrived. :)
    hope you like them.

    i think your brother should name his car a "Pineapple", because of the back lights!

  3. Annushka - sounds: An -nou (as in you) -sh - ka.

    A take-off from Leigh-Ann!

    Alternatively, Samma.

    Or maybe, just maybe, "Silver Bullet" (take off of Silver Surfer).

  4. Aww so happy for my Kody... it IS cool! When is he coming to take me for a ride?? Nothing like putting a FEW miles on a car when you first get it. I think Teaque is a lovely name for a car.

  5. the first name that came to my mind was Silvia because it's SILver. But Silvia sucks so I came up with Silvie. That's better.

  6. im liking shars idea of foriegn, i like the natashabut if i go foreign it needs to have the name were you pronounce it differently than it is you think you would pronounce it, silvia is good to,

    i couldnt name it pinapple cause thats my favourite fruit and i just can do that to my canned pinapple, that would almost be like plagerism

    keep them coming though, my frineds on face book arent helping much with this dilema

    o and shar your new neighbors move in tommorow or today whenever you read this (they move in on Wendsday

  7. I think the car should be name Michele with 1 L. Kody it's nice to see that you bought a 4 door car I think that a car seat would fit great in it when you come take me and you "son" for a ride



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