1/2 done...so fun!

I played all day, made 7 photobooth albums, dreamed up 3 more styles, ran out of glue...and can't wait to get home tomorrow and make more! I love my life! Can't wait till this can be f/t one day :) I'll post more pictures once I put them in my Etsy Shop... soon :) I'm all giggly about these albums ;)


  1. these are great!! love the colors...

    hey...and you have GREAT TASTE IN TELEVISION....i'm obsessed with flight of the concords....so so soooo damn funny!

  2. off topic, i seen license to wed last night, cant get any better than robin and mandy all in one movie,
    im sure you predicted that i would go see it, purely for mandy

    has shayla said when she'll have the photos/disc ready im excited to see them,, mainly the ones of the girls

    God is Luv, Rev Run

  3. oh ya..likin' what i am seeing!

  4. hey kody,
    finishing up the last ones today. then will send them to get printed.
    i will probably have them to your mom by the weekend.

  5. these look very cool LA!!
    keep having fun doing what you're doing!!!

  6. totally love these - confession: I have not a single photobooth pic but KNOW that if I had one of these albums then I would be sure to come up with some to put in it. (You know kind of like when you have a great pair of shoes but no outfit - you just go get one!)


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