made by hand...

My new art journal. I did Alice's challenge. Then did a page too... Grandma & Grandpa's 50th (Golden) Anniversary. Gold was a challenge, cause it tends to send me gagging, but i worked it out. The little guitar on the spine is a button/charm Gran brought back from Hawaii. Aunt Patty and I made this Guestbook together (for the party last week). She made the album (it's super cool!) and I embellished the inside & spine. Aunt Patty makes furniture and books from preloved wood. They're really beautiful. Her company is called Stix-n-Twigs. These are those 2 totes I made last month that I couldn't share yet. For Tanner and Sammy SharShar. ;)


  1. heres the deal, you're the best there is and no one can hang with your stuff. You wake up in the morning and "sneeze" excellence.
    If you ain't first, your last.

    (Adapted quote from Talledaga Nights)

  2. Back with Sears? lol Like your journal, very artsy. I need to blog again! :P Post Elsie's STUFF!!!!! GAAA! :)

    Love love,

  3. i think i have a crush on dr.philbert.

  4. you stole my nick name for him!!!!! how DARE you! ;P


  5. i wonder what it looks like when you sneeze excellence, is it a smell, or to the letters come out like alpha getti and you gotta spell it out, or when u sneeze do you just say it

  6. you are so freakin talented! I miss you! TQ

    off to bed - maybe I'll be back in the 2nd trimester.... :)

  7. very are so talented!
    love the rooster!

  8. Love the Stix-n-Twigs! And I love your handwriting (mine doesn't look so good in stitches;thank goodness for computer fonts).Very inspiring blog.


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