alotta new tings

New items in Our Etsy Shop :)
Some other things...
New Tote for Vanessa in California...
and 2 totes that i can't post yet b/c they're gifts and the customer hasn't given it yet ;)
Made this mini-album from scratch. Click here to see more of the 'My Girl' mini-album.
I taught these six lovely women how to make the Love album last week. It was pure fun, they're hilarious, and they loved the little details *smile* here's all our albums:
Good job Ladies!!!!
After making all this stuff, here's my studio at the end of the weekend. oye!


  1. seriously! freckles your stuff rocks chicka!
    love the skull and cross bones..would match my shoes ;-)

    great gobs of albums..they look wonderful!

  2. Fr-w-eckles! I'm trying my very own blog :

    I need to have you come over one evening and give me the ins and outs.

    But for now, let me know if you are able to get into the blog.


  3. NICE work! You've been busy!

  4. WOWzers!! Love it all!! I want the perhaps one - that is absolutely my fave piece from that set!! We are totally going to have to live closer together so your crafty mojo will wear off on me!!! So when are YOU moving here? lol

  5. the perhaps one is sold Teaque. Should i make you another one?


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