"They're FIFTY" (thats for Kody)

This weekend was Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Anniversary Party! It was fabulous! Grandma was glowing, Grandpa was jovial, and everyone partied! The food was amazing(i especially liked the punch, 10 glasses), the rain held off till the end, then poured it's eyes out, and we all watched the lightening storm from the deck. What am i going to do today? I woke up at 9:30, I'm watching the View right now....about investing and female entrepreneurs, and i have the whole day to do whatever. I think I'm going to make something. I have one tote to finish, then I'm either going to make a book, or a mini-album. My mom dropped off all my Memory Boxes from when i was young (i liked to scrapbox then, keeping everything special in a box)...and i've been looking thru them(so glad i kept all this stuff, even came across my braces, lol)....My favorite thing from the Memory Boxes= all my letters from the toothfairy/Daddy...and they are adorable, hilarious, and so special. I'm going to make them into a mini-album. Funny quote from the letters, "Leigh-Ann, If you leave me 4 quarters next time, I'll give you 2 loonies!" LOL DAD~! PS> Hero-Tyson fixed the Internet. (The storm this weekend had shorted something.) Added: CSI NY is on. THAT's what i'm doing(while i create)....Hoping for a CSI marathon. I crave it. And making a Big Salad. A Big Greek Salad. The Monday ugse. (*Teaque: How do i spell that? Like "usual", but shortened for coolness...?)


  1. how about the monday ooshee? Heck I don't know go all canadian and through a u in it. :)

  2. The toothfairy wrote you LETTERS? Sweet! (both in the awwwww sense and the "sah weet!" sense)


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