it was... of those holidays that feels like you're in the olden days... with a hairdryer.. food tastes different, time doesn't fly and family is all you need. my holidays included these things: -ate lots of fab fruit -found 6 pieces of seaglass -Dad felt cold when it was hot= -Amanda&Me told Dad he has Manopause and he should put on his longShawns. (dad=Shawn) we fell out of chairs laughing at this. -crafted my butt off (Rachel, it's coming along! :) -watched Amelie 4 times. new favorite movie. -didn't get a tan. but didn't get a burn. -Penny tried to fly (jumped) off our 6ft high deck. Picture: dumbo w/o the feather. her blub protected her... no Penny bones broken. I think it was a suicide attempt. -amanda and i did a Grey's marathon. SeasonOne till 4am. loved it. -we got our new bedroom at the cabin. YAY! and i built up the walls (till drywall time). it's pretty much a cool fort right now. and it rocks. -went spontaneous swimming with my clothes on. so did Tys and Lola -we put Penny on the rock in the lake; she was not impressed (she hates water/swimming) -laughed my face off with Matt, Mom, Amanda -made a sweet rock picking bucket (2nd last photo) -no internet. but it was good. -did a beach photoshoot of my pretty momma -went in the kiddie pool with Amanda, Olivia and Kennedy today -didn't spend a cent -lola did her bidness on the lumber pile. what is with this?! -2 greek salads -listened to coconut records. a lot. new fav. -came home to 22 emails. love that. -took some happy pictures...


  1. glad you're back... i LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Penny on the rock!!!!!Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. awww puppy on a cute!

  3. love that pic of pen pen on the rocks, was this before or after the suicide attempt!? :P Looks like you had a nice time.


    p.s. i am starving and craving a BISTRO!


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