going to the caBin, and we're gonna get tannnned...

from an email to Amanda Ross today (with a few assumptions added)...
Me, Tys, Olivia & Kennedy, Amanda and Matt, Mom and Dad...(Kody can't come, he's too cool, and he's 50!) are going to the cabin tonight. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off. Ya, this will be a good holiday! We'll work on the renos Sat and Sun, then Dad & Tys have to leave (for work Sunday night) and we'll veg and go to the beach Monday and Tuesday... ;) and I'm bringing craft projects, so i don't care if it rains. But it'd be nice if it didn't... Lola and Penny will be wimps if it rains and wanna stay inside all weekend. When lola's at the cabin, she numbertwos on a pile of lumber in the corner of the sunroom... but she KNOWS how to show us she wants to go out... ?! My dad (who gags like i do) tends to find it first... lol
I got a new rock picking bucket that will be fun to use. We pick rocks. We don't know what to do with them. But we can't just leave them there. and Amanda makes me carry hers. I'm so excited to live with Amanda for a few days! I miss her (she used to live 5 doors down). All our rooms are torn down right now (renovating), so we're all having a slumber party upstairs, no walls between us. Hopefully my parents can control themselves... (reference childhood camping trip, gccch!) lol...I'm gonna put that on my blog. yes. payback time! wahahaha! My mom'll be like "LEIGH-ANNNN!?!"... and snicker, but then worry... whose gonna read this!> yes. lunchtime blog, here i come!
hmmmm, I need a cabiny picture, BRB. Here :)
I'll probably blog from the cabin. I picked up on a default wireless signal last time... but it's weak and doesn't last very long. It's pretty exciting whn it does! I'll check my email, add my photos of the day, and bloggie blog blog... if it works.
Have a good weekend everyone! Drink lots of water :)
PS> I added details about the tire to the post below.


  1. have fun at the cabin!!
    ...tyler likes to paint his rocks he collects at our lake. he's building up his collection to make a little 'rock garden' in the cabin yard for his Nana and Papa (my grandparents!) to enjoy when they come out to the lake!
    (just a tyler inspired idea for all your rocks in your pail...)

  2. Have a blast, sister!

  3. Hope you're having/had?! a fabbo type. Sounds like fuuuunnn!

  4. I miss you - come back.. or at least post something geez. ;)


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