stacks and stacks

i need to stay home tonight. the house is in shambles...and it looks like we were robbed. and if robbers broke in, they'd think someone beat them to it, and cooked a meal for 20 ppl (or 50) and didn't do their dishes, but they would then note, that at least they stacked them nicely beside the sink.
this project may take a few nights.
i'll post pictures of cute home things once it's nice. probably on the weekend.
one good thing: i did my cottage laundry when i got home yesterday.

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  1. Shar here. . .
    You guys sounded like you had an absolute ball at the lake. Considering the different dynamic of the lake last summer and this. I can see Olivia and Kennedy will fit right in. Truly LA I did feel sorry for Penny, what with her suicidal thoughts and all. Maybe she was just PMSing. Give her the benefit of the doubt!!! I too enjoyed Amelie! but alas have only seen it once.



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