Seven Seven Seven

Such a good day! We went to our friends wedding, Ashli and Paul! Pashli. It was my favorite wedding to date, other than our own. Ashli took my breath away, beautiful is an understatement! She is beauty! The cermony was Glory. I misted.
We went antiquing between.
Then went to the reception... and hazzah, it was so fun! Saw lots of old friends, laughed and cried at the father speeches... drank 4 ceasers... me, Ashli, Rachael and Erin danced like Elaine ... Tys and I danced to 'What a Wonderful World'.... Rachael and I talked TV... Hi Rachael=creeper no more... I learned the term 'creeper'(blog visitor/spy that never comes out of hiding)...and best thing ever, there was a PHOTOBOOTH!!! I think I went in at least 12 times... and I woulda went more if the kids weren't hogging it (lol), but yha, it was-a-highlight! (I might become a wedding crasher to weddings that have a photobooth) I wish this existed when I got married, yoy-would that have been an o-fo-sho! You rent it, and for 4 hours, get unlimited (AHHHH!) photobooth pictures, and they print two sets, so Ashli and Paul get a copy of everyones photos, plus you take your picture (stack) home! So fun!
So all in all, good great wonderful day!
Home Tomorrow and Monday, working on some projects. Tys is going golfing with Darren, and I'm hermitting with my pups. And I should probably do some housekeeping. My sister called me at work Friday to ask, "Do you think it's wrong if I'm windexing my washer/dryer?, This is fUN!" ...Oh boy, it's time for a hobby Amanda! ;)


  1. Don't want to be a creeper, so I'll comment. Found your blog through Blue Yonder and I visit almost daily. You crack me up. I love that you antiqued between wedding and reception. I love freckles. I count them on my children, but mine are beyond counting. I'll be back (with comments).

  2. I love this wedding idea L-A. Sent the link to my niece who is getting married in September. Way cool! T

  3. It looks like a really fun wedding, but the more I see of your blog, the more I think any party you attend is fun just because you are there!

    Um, yes, I think Amanda has a serious problem and if she would like to come work her windexing issues out at my house, I would really appreciate it.

  4. ill agree there LA your friend was looking pretty hot

    tell her shes got my ok

  5. haha!
    so i found out tonight that we have ANOTHER connection!!
    paul grew up beside chris and his parents still live beside chris's parents!! tonight when we were out for dinner they mentioned someone named paul and ashli getting of course i asked how she spelled her name and it all fell into place!! his parents actually bought us a really nice wedding present last year!! too funny! paul is about 3 years younger than chris. do you know ashli or paul?
    i told them about the pics you took of the wedding and how good they were!!
    i am looking forward to seeing you soon.
    i love that i actually know who amanda is now (another wierd connection!) and her swedgie? (was that right???)
    and let her know that i also windex my washing machines, and have named them. they are tromm 1 and tromm 2. sort of like dr. seuss!
    night, night!!


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