it get's in your head...

(Flight of the Conchords) and My brothers showed me this guy...Rahzel, One Guy, 100% Vocals, no instruments... super-impressive! These kids reminded me of me; I used to do this to songs/videos all the QUESTION: So does anybody know if there's a company that converts vhs footage to dvd? i wanna youtube some old home mockumentaries and music videos i made...ya!


  1. L.A.- You should put some of those old music videos, we did in TKC, on here! LOL! You still have those?

  2. you me and rach baby! i sure do have them!! but they're on vhs...i don't know what to do about that...?! is there any companies that convert vhs video to dvd? ohhh, that's a good business idea! it could be called, CONVERT-IT...ya!

  3. i just downloaded every match that came up for those 2 guys

    50, 50 years old


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