ode to Ashli...HALLAR

Ashli is the only person i've ever know who has the same imagination and free-spirited-ness that i do. The "I don't care whose looking, let's have fun" kinda livelife-edness (new word). We met at camp in THE NINETIES (i like any chance i can to drop 'the 90's") and automatically jived. No, that's a weird word....hmm. Let's go with hit it off. or clicked. all cheese...but you know what i mean. so anyways, our whole friendship was an adventure; a choose your own adventure shall we say. Once we graduated (from separate schools) we kinda lost touch. But now we're BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Ash detectived me down thanks to my blog and emailed me...and i was SO EXCITED to hear from her! We've been emailing back and forth like mad, and it's like nothing changed, except we have boobs now. She's getting married July 7, 2007 (777!)...so she's mega busy right now, but once her life has calmed down, we're totally hanging! Here's some (of our many) adventures thru photo....(before there was digital) Camp life. Our friend lived in the mansion, and cars would drive by gawking....so Ashli posed in front of it like a Tourist attraction. Heather didn't love that. This was a regular hangout... "Our Office" ...the sauna (that was always off) at camp.

At Birds Hill Park. Lol, retainer twins. Lol, i look like i had black fangs. Don't miss those days. At a concert. We made "Landen Co." Buttons (on our visors)... Lol, i COULDN'T take a serious or normal posed pic back then...lol. Camp Staff Photo. We're in the middle on the ground. Love you Ash! Wish i could find all our photo booth pictures...yeesh!


  1. i forgot that i was such a boy!! i'm glad my hair is a little longer now, but i think we need a conference in the OFFICE!! or need to have a "meeting" (remember???)

  2. lol, I know! We were tomboy epidimies! Our conference room is gone:( I heard They took the sauna out...
    Member snorkling in the hot tub too...lol. Well, i think that was more Russ and Elorie (is that his name, i can't remember)...anyways.. Love it all!

  3. Ellery. Aaaand, the Doctor Evil look makes an appearance. You complete me.


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