shake it like a bonified preacher

This self-loving photo montage is because I got new hair... photoshoot tomorrow. Family Foto. Q. Mom, which of these poses should i do in the family portraits? Today's Mono Convo (LA & Tys)... LA: I think I need to go back to wearing a watch. I'm always running late.... Tys: (snarky)What's different from when you had a watch? LA: I knew I was running late.


  1. hair looks sleek!!!! love it!

  2. nice penny pose!

    and you should probably use the fish lips pose tomorrow. yah, that will work best!

    see you tonight!!!

    i am trying to get there for 6.

  3. You DO look like my logo!!! Aww, I want bangs again. I miss them. Cute 'do!!!!

  4. wanted to stop by and say that i buy my readymade magazines at borders. :)

  5. You are such a dork. That's why I like you. Bonified Preacher? Is that like the Steve Miller song, Big Old Jeb Had a Light On?

  6. Stefani:
    Nope,'s what i thought the words were to that Outcast song, Hey Ya...
    Real Words: "shake it like a polaroid picture"... my friends caught me singing it wrong one day and it comes up often for a good laugh

  7. nice doo!
    i think the 5th one down should do it for interesting comments on your family photo...i feel sad that i was unable to do them for your family! i am doing a wedding tomorrow (saturday) and a class tonight (friday) whaahhh! bummer!
    have lots of're good at it!!

  8. Hey Lee Lee,
    Love the new hair, I'm still growing into that style...... :P
    is it hard to do in the morning?


  9. i don't know if it's easy to do in the morning. i showered with a hat on cause it still looked good today. lol. seriously, L-O-L.
    tyson comes into the washroom, and i'm stepping out of the shower with an army hat on.

  10. LA LA -
    Your hair looks 'Super' and I really mean it. Just checked your Blog this aft. Was looking at an old pix of you when you cut all your hair off at camp. I also thought that the style really suited you.
    Love, Shar

  11. How's about "What, I like to get jiggy with it", bet you can't beat that. Momma's back to blog posting.
    Life has been really busy, but now its almost time to relax. SUMMERS HERE!!!, right Shayla.

    Love Momma


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