Bask in this quilty beauty!! It's Stefani's and i LOVE it!
Amanda called today(to submit her 90's entry via phone) and told me Olivia is rolling all over the house, and she went under her crib and came out dusty. She's like a Romba. Then we renamed her Olivba. GET IT?!
Thanks for all the nice new-hair comments everyone (except mom, who seems to have abandoned commenting) Rally the Troops. We're bringing Sharon/Momma Back, YA!
Don’t you wish ya girlfriend was hot like me! don't cha!! ...Did anyone else get addicted to "the Search for the Next Doll" show? Me and my sister sure did! "Bring out your inner doll."
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Liken this One Too: Song4
Current Word: "Super-" in front of everything. I can't stop saying it!
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  1. I get all life-changy over the weekend and look what I missed! Aunt Vivian's quilt taking on a life of it's own! :-)

  2. mckay i like trash tv6/26/2007 02:30:00 pm

    i was addicted. i wanted that red haired girl to win. what was her name? celia? cecily? something like that. i really liked her.

  3. Sisely! i liked her at first, but she got pretty whiney and demanding. i liked chelsea.
    Glad to see i wasn't the only one addicted to that show!


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