Penny is currently suckier than ever. She was named after the wrong Dirty Dancing character; she should have been named BABY! But it has escalated lately, as she is in a false pregnancy, and expects (demands!) constant petting and cuddles. With her sad saggy face, she can con us into anything. Henceforth, she is in our bed right now, pushing our hands to pet her. Oh--now she's going under the blanket with Tyson and setting up camp for the night. I finished 2 major and 1 minor projects tonight. Feels good. I'll share pictures tomorrow. Other than 3 sets of chimes(Tyson, the muscle man's department), I'm all caught up! Now I have some new designs i wanna try out. Can't wait!! :) I talked with Shayla tonight :) I love that girl! She's so cute! Geeky like me. She can't stop singing the Doodlebops songs....I on the otherhand can't stop singing the Mini-wheats themesong. Shayla's doing our family photos this Friday. Like my Mom's whole side of the family. We've pre-warned her of our wackiness...but I have a feeling she'll fit in just fine. K, gotta get to sleep. Penny has relocated to the bottom 2 feet of my side of the bed. Fetal position for me... Edited/Added: 12:22am, I voted her off the Island.


  1. awww, shucks.
    you are too sweet leigh-ann!
    looking forward to this friday!
    and yes, we are sneaky sleuths!
    and together we are better!

  2. Are the chimes for the Ralph Connor House sale or for Etsy?

  3. Neither...
    -ones for Amanda Ross (her prize from the Dirty Dancing Contest)
    -ones for my Aunt Sandy (ordered it way back, but no rush)
    -last for my mom. she hit it with the broom (lol) and it needs to be "repaired"

  4. Just think - in the "18"90s - the big thing was the "un"corseted tea gowns. Man, have we moved along in the fashion world! T.

  5. my little story takes place in a tropical villa...


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