Amanda's coming over tonight to ruthlessly help me purge. I'm a Keeper. (aka: packrat) and with us probably moving soon, it's time to toss, donate and downsize. I tried to cancel on her (b/c i don't like the idea of throwing out all my treasures and items with future purpose) but she knew why, and canceled my cancel! It's gonna be a late nighter. Being sisters, we're very alike...but our homes are so not! Amanda's house is in permanent stage mode. She has no clutter, nothing she doesn't need, no emotional attachment, picture frames with the original store photo still in it, but best thing is, she is always ready for company. Me: errrr-- not! I like furniture and i like things. She's very logical and Type-A; i am an artistic dreamer and Type-keep-everything. Goal tonight is to donate 2 garbage bags and toss one bag. Boooo. Amanda will have no problem with that. She'll probably double it! Sidebar: I don't like either of the American Idol final songs. But i do like Jordan's hair. Ahhh, she's crying! That'll get some extra votes. My dad is a major A.Idol! What is with Randy's jacket?!?! Yeeek! Is anybody else attracted to Simon? *awkward laugter*


  1. you make me laugh (type-keep everything) - I'm like amanda too - too bad I can't help with that job - you know me love some cleaning and am crazy over some before and afters... hope all went well and there weren't too many tears shed.

  2. I have a crush on Simon! I'm not afraid to admit it, but that's the kind of man I'm attracted to (Todd is a total Simon most of the time). I wanted Blake to win...but he didn't really need it like Jordon did.


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