Tyson and Penny left for Kenora today...gone for 2 weeks. Just me and Lola. We're watching Jay Leno together in bed. Lola-Coca-Cola is in Tyson's spot. The weekend was good. The cabin's really coming along...the Fireplace is now working! Woot-woot! Lola and I went in the lake. Me to my ankles & Lola dunking for golf balls. Tyson starts his first day plumbing tomorrow!!! He's a little nervous, but he's going to do awesome!!! I am so proud of you Tys!


  1. that explains why i kept hearing you guys talking about him going to kenora
    excuse me im just catching up on the details
    we should rent stomp the yard while he's gone

  2. We really need to keep Kody in the loop, woot woot.

    love you

  3. hey!
    hope you had a good weekend!
    good for tyson, i hope he gets the job! but, it will suck that you will be 2 hours away, although it makes for a nice visit! we should get together and get the boys to meet (and the pooches!) before that happens!
    oh yah...me and chris were wrestling with the dogs and that's how i fell off the bed! silly me. i really have no coordination!


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