a few updates

1. New music video added. I detest the squeeky tap at the beginning, but love the song. Bjork. It's my favorite "break into a dance" song. A little chicken noodle soup, carpotunnel, and dying old man. (These are my favorite dance moves. Put together, they naturally create the perfect "Elaine") 2. Lola still thinks she's puppy small and she's currently shoving her 60pound body under the bed. 3. Two busting garbage bags of clothes for our church Thrift Store and six walmart bags of clothes for people i know. (Holly, Aunty Sandy, Dangie, Kody, etc) Ruthless purging was a success! And actually fun; Amanda's the best! 4. Lots of arrons to do tomorrow. Home Depot, Grocery Shopping, Michaels, Walmart. Teaque, I'll watch for you at Walmart. 5. I feel another contest coming on. Not sure what yet. I still need to finish Amanda Ross' windchime from the last contest. After that, forsure! 7. While trying on clothes to see if they still fit, Amanda and I sistered it up and joked about her cantelope tum and my muffin top. It's a carrot trying to get to a low fat bran. And that if i clench my butt (discovered this in the shower, lol) i could definitely hold a quarter in my back "muscle". this is bad. but funny. i showed amanda and we couldn't stop laughing. 8. I drank 4 bottles of water..and had made a really healthy lunch today. Didn't go walking though. Rain. Trying for 6 bottles of water tomorrow. 9. Tyson's first day went really good :) 10. I'm teaching a class next week. All teachers&paras! Excited! 11. These are my new grass green shoes. I want to sleep in them i love them so much.


  1. oh do tell...what are you teaching???

    i have a hard time to part with things too..I mean..WHAT IF i need it 10 years from now? WHAT IF i bring bad karma for giving away something that was giving to me..
    SEE..i understand...sigh..

  2. My only comment (well for this minute anyway) is how the heck are you so stinkin funny??

    Oh and My NOSE knew you were at the WM! Hee hee

    AND it really *is* fun trying to read the word verifi try it sometime. today it says cutie crack...

  3. i hope you didn't through out any POG or Snap Braclets cause those are gonna make a come back one day and if you keep them you'll be that much ahead of the game


  4. hey T just to let you know, you can marry John Mayer now, apparently him and jessica simpson broke up , so now you can be his new lover

  5. FYI - Don't you know a bunch if kids died from those deadly snap bracelets - they snaped free of the cloth and slit their poor kids wrists! Or is that just an urban legend? I know I never wore another one after hearing that...


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