Miss Grover & Miss Freckles

It was like a nervous first date, lol. A bloggy/scrap-friends date... I had lots of fun. I wore some freckles for Grover. Vanessa's friends are really cool & supertalented! I finished one of my five projects I brought along. Better than usual, lol! Question... Who's 'T' from the comments on the Hamblies post? *confused*


  1. it was fun! cracked me up our little skinny photo shoot! good stuff!
    just editting (sp???) those pics now!
    glad you could make it freckles!

  2. it was great to meet you!
    will you come out again with us, or did you have your fill? haha
    and I loved your KI album!!

    nice to have another member of SAD!



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