Tysons first day off since August. Poor bear, he's been going nonstop since August, School/Work 7 days a week. He'd skip school once in a while, but those days were just catch-up on sleep. He quit his security job last week, WHAT AN EXCITING THING! He's been working Security since i met him, and it is such a hard job, and usually not the most fun. He's working as a part-time subcontractor till his apprentiship begins in June. He was home sick Friday with the flu, but wanted to get out of the house we went for lunch, to the mall and yard sailing. I found a rad bathing suit and the green sneaks i been wanting were in at Payless. Both on sale, score! And we found the sweetest tshirts for Olivia and Kennedy. They have a weiner dog with a crown and pearls on. (They have 2 weiner dogs) we got those too, but then Mom told me Amanda already :( picked them up for the girls. Tyson got an awesome tool belt at a garage sale, otherwise, no good finds there. It was a nice day together, Slurpies, Photobooth, trying on Stepford Dresses, walking, hanging out in our den, and a sweet bbq supper! Oh Saturday, you rocked!


  1. you guys are too cute!
    looks a great saturday!
    i spent mine doing ALOT of laundry!
    hope you are having a good day and hug your momma's!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Saturday!! Maybe I'll have one someday. lol

  3. By the way, I saw Michelle with the two 'l's today - at Shelmerdine. She was getting a lily for her Mom for Mother's Day. I finally went to use a $50 certificate I received when my Mom passed away last year. Dah, I get to the till with my prized find, a Fernleafed Peony (Mom called them Chinese Peony) and I give the cashier my certificate and she says, "this is for St. Mary's Greenhouse, do you still want the plant?" And my DH beside me says, "of course she does". Happy Mother's Day to me - and quite the way to remember my Mom, because this was her most prized flowering plant in her garden. Off to St. Mary's on anotehr day..soon. Then DH and kids took me out to a movie this evening...and as I sat in the theatre (we were at Grant Park), I couldn't help but remember Dirty Dancing. Ahhhhh. Anyway, we saw Spiderman 3 - how's that for a Mother's Day event? Good because we were all together sharing time. T.


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