i gots me some hamblies~

hambly. it is all they say it is. but 4$ a sheet. i gasped. more expensive than drugs. probably more addictive too. hit me. {Added for Mom: TMI means 'too much information'. Hamblies are big breath mints. They disolve on your tounge. Lol (laugh out loud), kidding. They're just super great thick transparencies with yummy silkscreening designs. they're a big deal. first time sold in winnipeg. Here's some examples. Hey Mom, have you seen that mother/daughter commercial about the daughter text messaging too much... and the whole commercial is in text-abbreviations... I'd love to hear your interpretation of it ;) ...Thats a wink if you turn your head sideways. Grandma.A & Jim are probably like...."ohhhhh, now that makes sense")


  1. oh good grief.
    you must read my blog post.
    ha ha ha!

  2. Sorry if I'm sooo blond LA, but what do you do with this stuff?Sorry to let all you scrapers down, but LA's Mom is not a scraper, she learned this all on her own. I have too busy of a life lately to sit down and do this.

    Love Momma

  3. Soooo jealous.... was just online yesterday adding stuff to an imaginary shopping cart that I totally knew I wouldn't be able to check out... so sad... I was going to get that same grid one just in white... tell momma to head over to Kristina contes' blog to see what to do - Oh I bet my winter LO inspired you didn't it?? lol (oh and I find it interesting that your word verification seems to spell words to me anymore... does that mean I'm on here too much??)

  4. Gotta love those hamblies! OMG!!! I picked some up the other day--Friday--and am going to use one tomorrow finally. I wonder if they'll create a rehabilitation program one day for scrapbookers--where addicts can go to ... ---nah, why would they do that. Who the h*** wants to become UNaddicted to scrapbooking anyway. T.

  5. Sorry I missed Grif's tonight--going to all-day crop being put on my Dalcrafts tomorrow. Speaking of which, I need my sleep....please! Catch-up with you soon. T.


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