going to the cabINN...

Me, Tys, Lola & PenPen are going to the cabin this weekend for the first time this season...and we're so SO excited!! I call it the cabINN cause this is no yurk or shanty. It looks like a Inn. We're reno'ing it right now, and i hear people walking by saying things like "*gasp*, it's so huuuuge" and "they must be busy like rabbits (to need so much space)" and "we haven't seen the sun for 2 years".

It's called the Mc-Laugh-INN (our family name is McLaughlin)...but there's quite a few names its been given. I stick with the McLaughInn, cause i love a good play on words. Dad has always wanted to build a home, but Mom doesn't want to move out of our childhood home (which i can see why, it's the nicest home ever, Mom is a Martha)...so Mom and Dad found the land with a normal cabin on it, (that could have sufficed) and added a hotel onto the front of it.

We have 4 families, grandkids and future Keffers and littleKodies, and lots of pets...so the size made sense to all of us. Until it came to the Deck. Dad went a little hammer happy on it, or i should say, BOTH. 2 levels. it's like an airplane. lol. This was the status last time i saw it (last September)...it now has a second level deck as well. You can see the water from it. *ahhh*

So i'll be AWOL till Sunday, but will come back with lots of pics of course.

I liked doing that tutorial last night...and wouldn't mind doing more. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to learn (that you've seen me do; not just random "altering google results" or "hacking Nasa") post it in the comments. it can be easy or hard, techy or crafty, whatever.
ex. ideas: ...how to make a blog, how to create a banner, how to make a slide show on the side, how to find the best thrifties, how to take a good self portrait, how to add links to your blog, simple how to edit photos... or even just questions. whatever. (i don't claim to be a pro, i've just learned by trial and error, and can save you some of the "error".)
Have a happy & fun weekend everyone!


  1. have fun!

    okay i have one..what is the code to add a email link to the sidebar? huh huh..come onnnnn..tell me! LOL! i really want to know!

  2. I'll take a tutorial on making a banner :)

    Have a great time at the cabINN

  3. second on the banner thing - (ha like I'll actually do it, but maybe someday more than just YOU will see it)

    the cabin IS a hotel - can't wait to see final pics - do you have a before photo?? All about the before and after! Speaking of photos I emailed you a few you might find interesting! :)

    Have a fun weekend!


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