at the cabin

isn't this crazy! refer to July 31 post. our parents and family has been SO busy! this cabin is going to be so sweet! it's already so exciting! yeeeeeeee!!! thanks for EVERYTHING momma and dad!! This is so AMAZING! trying to take this photo proved harder than we thought. the timer kept going off too late. it was funny. saturday, we raked 17 big bags of leaves. my muscle grew. *laugh* i love the joy in this photo. can't share why we're laughing, but it was an oddity that will forever make me laugh. 3 generations. my mom, me, my grandma. love love love.


  1. hi LA
    its ok about the pictures, you know what i mean but i like the one of the 3 of us with me and the closed smile
    thanks for the thanks remember SOME DAY we'll be able to relax
    good job
    i love you
    yeh i'm off tomorrow (wednesday) dr.s appt.

    love momma
    aka mini me
    aka cut_the_tv_cables
    aka leigh-ann, amanda's, kody's MOM
    have a good day

  2. Wow that crazy how much you guys have done. Its looking really good. im sorry I havent done any help.

    Love Holly

  3. I love the last photo!!! And the cabin looks so great! I love all of the leaves, fall is such a pretty time of year!

  4. I forgot to mention, I love your glasses! I wish I needed glasses so I could wear some funky ones too. It was so nice to talk to you on the phone too! Oh, and the sand castles... it's just sand and water! They spray them at the very end to protect them, but that's it!

  5. i'm breaking the rules in the internet lab!!



  6. Hi Lee Lee -
    I LOVE the leaf pictures with the three of you. I attempted a photo shoot in my back yard - didn't turn out so well!!! In my pictures of the trees - the leaves still look really green....guess I have to wait a bit longer!!! :o) Beautiful pictures, can't wait to see them in your scrapbook.


  7. Just bopping around your blog and found this post.

    I LOVE the photo of the 3 of you!

    So LUCKY you are (I sound like Yoda) to have the opportunity to take this photo!

    I'm sure you will treasure it for years/generations to come - I'm so envious!!!

    Makes me want to cry I'm so moved...

  8. Oh yeah I forgot to say...

    the cabin is a monstrosity!

    I'm sure you're neighbours love it..


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