i spent 57$ on fruit today


  1. I've been pouting since I seen your post about moving to Kenora! But it's a good thing. And the "you and Tyson" nesting time will be good for both of you. All on your own in the big world! And I'm anticipating Aunty-hood in 9 months! LOL with me on this one - I just got back from Supervalu with fresh fruit! You go girl! Made a fruit salad - much to my son's delight - and mine - and okay, hubby's too! Should have taken a picture - but it's gone now.


  2. I like the spikey one, hehe, we can name it spike lee.

    Love you

  3. wait a minute!

    do you name fruit??

    If you did then you would fall in love with it,

    and when it went wrotten we would have to have a funneral for it.... wait for it...... wait for it!..... AT MOMS HOUSE hahahha.
    (reference to fruit cemetery)

    Love you,

    Give lola lots of kisses for me,,,, and tell spike lee i love him.


  4. hahaha woah! Lot's of fruit! Can you eat it allbefore it goes bad!? I love going to the fruit/veggie store. so fun!

  5. hey i like your fruit!
    i saw your comment on kal's blog and me and her don't actually "go" together, i just see her there sometimes. but i would love to "go" with you sometime! we haven't been there in a bit, with all the rain, party planning and now my finger! i can tell that stella and miller miss it! i do too.
    have a super duper day!

  6. Well, I know what happens to Lukie when he has too much fruit in one day...so for the sake of your plumbing, please take it easy!

  7. yummo!
    except for that nobbie thing..what the heck???? ;-)

  8. It may have been worth it for this yummy picture alone!

    (found you through GlassBeach)


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