(Mom's 3rd in) Tonight we celebrated Ma-in-laws 50th birthday at Celebrations Dinner Theatre. (It was "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels") Near the end, Mom was called on stage and had to do the group dance. Then they called up peeps celebrating Anniversaries. Us and another couple went up (it was their 54th, our 4th) and we danced to Love Shack. It was very fun. Luckily I noticed my fly was down before we made it on stage... oye! Now we're off to bed and leaving for the cabin early tomorrow morning. Returning Monday night... Then Tyson will be gone to Kenora for two weeks. He's doing his school work experience with AK Plumbing...with the intention to apprentice there. If hired, we will be soon moving there. But it's only 2 hours away...and we will be back and forth lots. Have a great long weekend Canadians! Americans aren't so lucky...till next weekend, lol.

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  1. Sounds like you all have a fun May Long - (just rub it in my face why don't cha??) - MONDAY NIGHT??? I was going to bother you today too...


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