A Perfect Day!

Thank-You Tys!
LOL! In other news, Kody's comment from the last post:
the brother said...

who cares aboutt he anniversary, everyone, we have a serious issue on hand, if you have ever phoned LA and T's house and got their machine then you would have heard the funny message, well they got rid of it, what the frick that message was gold, i think we should start a petition right beside the paris hilton petition to get that message back, o and we do all care about the anniversary but gotta put it on the back burner, the answering machine is important issue at the moment

May 17, 2007 10:56 PM



  1. I loved that message! Why did you get rid of it :( so sad!

  2. the real justin shadylake scooby dooby doo5/18/2007 07:20:00 am

    So I have yet to hear the NEW message BUT knowing what I know about the message in reference then I too will have to petition (I hear ya Kody!) BRING Sexy ooops I mean interuptus Tysonus back!! (I know what you are thinking is this chick the REAL slim shady I mean the REAL TQ she is sounding way more edgumacated than the normal KY hick that she is... the mystery scooby doo is still unsolved.

  3. lol, Tyson has prospective employers calling right now... it's too confusing for them & not professional... once he's hired, we'll work it out---lol, Kody: You and your co-workers will have to stop calling just to hear the message...lol.

  4. Shout out to my man Kody - you are right about the message - heard it for myself - quite boring in fact it almost needs a disclaimer that says - these people really are fun and have some personality and that the only reason they have this boring message is because of some lame excuse "a-boat" employers calling -Where's the petition?!?!?! :)

  5. sweet i got a front page posting,
    and to the co-workers comment everyone, that is refering to the day i woke tyson up trying to let a co worker hear the message,
    i think i might have done that twice
    i gotta go kick it old school know later


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