"What is this? Gang up on Sharon Day?"...

Answer: Yes! (My mom has been known to say this {title}...it's so funny everytime, cause her voice goes all high, and she drops her hands at her side...hmm, maybe i should Youtube it...)

If you read this blog, tell my Mom Sharon she should start a blog. She is quite funny, very cute, a good speller, nice nails, loves everyone, interesting, cute butt and most important: Living vicariously thru my blog. lol. (She checks it quite a lot...probably 4000 of my *almost* 9000 visitors, are the Momma, lol!) Mom. it's time.

So say something! Leave a comment and tell Mom/Sharon that "she should take the plunge... start a blog. Leigh-Ann will help. You are funny! You are cute! You are wonderful!" ---you know, anything along those very true lines. It's okay if we don't know you... i know there are a lot of lurkers out there (including Moms friends). Let's have Sharon Day. Go Sharon, getcha blog up, Go Sharon! I expect to see at least TWENTY individual comments people! Gooooo PeerPressure!

Lol! Here's a wonderful picture of Mom (Having dessert at Kody's BP BdayDinner...She's trying to Camera-dodge). And Mom: if you don't start a blog, I will share MORE *special* pictures (and maybe the little ditty of WHY we're laughing so hard in this leaves photo!!...) Love you! Weeeeeee!

I can hear it now: Ringgggg, ringggg---

Mom: (highpitch voice, turning pink & trying not show she's been laughing): "LEIGH-ANN!?!"


  1. Come on momma!! Anony-moose needs another blog to read - come on - you could tell some really great EMBARASSING stories about LA! We could have a really great laugh at LA's expense. I'll leave you an anony-moose comment once in awhile too.

  2. LEIGH-ANN!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE SUCH A BRAT, what will I do with a bad daughter like you? I'll have to sell you to the gypsies....
    LOVE Momma

  3. your taking it a little far there mom, theres no need to bring the gypsies into this

  4. I agree!! Time for a blog, and you can post as many silly photo's of Leigh-Ann as you wish!

  5. I would love for you to have a blog so that I could get YUMMY recipes ;) and other helpful tips. Since Leigh-Ann refurs to us as the mini Martha's. Go for it!!
    Love Michele

  6. Go Momma Sharon! You can do it! I am totally expecting to see your blog in the next few days! hehe! I really hope you do get one! :)

  7. momma, i rather enjoy those "camera dodging" photos of you...the best is still trying to beat the camera timer at the cottage...good laughs!!
    so. it will now give you equal opportunity for fair revenge on LA ( sorry LA, but it is!!! )
    dig out those bare butt baby pic's, those pimple faced teenage pic's and i'm sure, as a mom, that you'll find a TON more of enlightening entertainment for all of LA's friendly bloggers!!! heeheehee...can't wait to check it out...SOON!!! fo for it!!

    kim :o)
    ps, glad you girls had WAY TOO MUCH fun at my hall crop...i now see what the laughs were all about...photoshop is a wonderful thing!!!


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