my favorite kind of friday

Friday night, Michele, Amanda Ross, Tiffany Ross and Me went to a Kim's hall crop... And I went home with a soar face from laughing so hard! Laughing so much that i only I stitched 3 letters (for a tote) in 6 hours. We ended up listening to music on the laptop....which inspired me to share the chicken noodle soup dance...oh ya! And we took lots of funny photos with Photobooth on Lolli ---which ensued more laughter. I had so much fun!! Michele and Tiffany Trying to share the wisdom of Donna's "Skinny Pose" This had the four of us roaring!!! (It's a photobooth effect) I have so many things i want to blog but need to get to sleep. I'll post again tomorrow...Scattered Seeds, Tyson's Hair "Mishap" (You'll pee your pants!), New Product, Fun things i've made, and of course a little more "mom-build-a-blog" peer pressure! (Which by the way, is softening her, but leave her more comments people! 6 doesn't give her much hope!) If we get 20 comments, I'll shave my---legs. Lol! Winter is over...spring is here. Okay, Lol, they're not THAT bad!


  1. Oh yes they are THAT bad!!!!!!

    By the way LA, don't buy square glasses..... they make your eyes look BIG, or Amanda either.:) :) :)

    There is NO "Mom-build-a-blog" happening!!!!lol :)

    Love Momma

  2. OMGosh! You ladies are way too funny! Totally LOVE the pics!


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