...I was labeling things for Scattered Seeds :) I'll have a few pieces for sale at Scattered Seeds this weekend (Albums, Totes, Chimes and a few Vintage Finds). While in Vancouver, I realized I need more family time and I cut back my original plan/involvement with Scattered Seeds. But happily. These past few weeks have been very recuperative, and nice for Tyson and I, and our family. And thinking straight is always good ;) The Vintage Cottage booth will be at the main floor entrance, and Jill will have some of her finest pieces displayed and for sale! I can't wait to see what her genius has come up with this time. She is incredibly talented, and I wish her the best! She really puts her heart into everything she makes, and I love her commitment, style, and passion! I'm working with her Saturday, and am excited to play Shopgirl. If you're at Scattered Seeds, also check out our friend, Karen Fehr of Artrocks! She's also super-talented and inspiring! A lovely woman who is so cool! PS> These (photo) are my new business cards, yay! I love them!!! Perfectly designed by Keri of Paper Maven!


  1. cards are very chic!

    hope to pop by the craft show this weekend!

  2. good, morning, i read it, hehe

  3. love your cards LA...i want one!!!
    glad you had some good fun with your friends and a fun looking bonfire...i have some pic's of my EX that would have caused some fun there!!!! heeheehee
    C U friday night!!


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