Happy 23rd Birthday Kody!

Happy Birthday Kody!!! I can't believe you're 23!?! "If feels like just yesterday you were falling asleep into your supper...and on the stairs, and on the toilet, and in your snowfort, etc etc.. " I hope when you have kids, they're as cute and loving as you were/are! So *adorable*! Love you!!!


  1. the(birthday)brother fromt the same mother4/16/2007 10:11:00 pm

    It looks like the cabage patch dropped a duece on the edge of the seat
    o and thats the coolest muther fluffin sweater ever, thats why im smiling so much cause i cant get enough of my sweater
    the perfect meal consists of 3 things a restuarant $3 loonie and fire

  2. This message is for Kody if he reads this. Hope you had a great 23rd birthday.
    Love your babies momma


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