Time is running out--

Turtles eggs are the new best thing! I bought 2 on Friday(2 for $1)... and have had one so far. Joy in the form of chocolate, let me tell you! But yes my crazed chocolate loving lady friends (and chocolate addict husband), time is running out. They are an easter confection...and are now on clearance...and will soon be GONE! gone!! GONNNNNE!!! aggggh. So stock up, or at least try one. I found them at Sobeys. Now, I have a little childhood Turtles chocolate story to share. It's an oldie but a goodie... I think I was about 11 or 12 and my cousin/friend Tanner was doing a talent show at the big mall for the chance to be like, a moscot for Turtles...(i think)...so mom and dad packed us up in our Grey 2-toned Aerostar MiniVan...and we went to represent yo. Anyways, this event was of course sponsored by "Turtles" (I'm talking the chocolate here)...and between every act, they would put out a bowl of individually wrapped Turtles...samples. Simple enough. Well, lets just say, we didn't just watch Tanners performance, i think we stayed for a few hours...lol. You'd think we had never seen chocolate before...Me, Amanda, and Kody AND funniest, my Dad, lol. Oh ya! My mom was mortified cause she's the only one of us with enough self control to just have one turtle...Instead of us, eating SO much that they shoulda been called Tortoises. Everytime i have one (tray of) turtles, I think of that funny day. Oh dad... The pin I bought from Elsie came Friday, but i wasn't home... So Tys and I are going for a walk to the post. And we both got new sneakers today, because we've been walking more often; it's time for us to get Speedo ready. Kidding. Just healthier. ***edited-10:40pm*** It wasn't my pin from Elsie...i got my contest Color Theory album back from KI Memories! Oh, i feel so happy! It's a little warped, but i'm just so glad to have it back. I was worried it might get lost or something. I haven't seen it since August. So fun to look at again! I'll let you all know when the KI Book comes out, but i think it will be a while. Our walk was good. Feel the burn! And we talked about babies and houses. Such a mindset-transition since I was in Vancouver last month. I'm almost (ALMOST) ready to stop practicing. Lol. (Thelma! Lol)


  1. oh pretty pin!! Love it! How fun to have an elsie original. I'm going to buy something soon too...but not until I sell something first from my etsy to get some money. ill have to add more stuff first though.

    turtles are SO yummy... but I can't eat them anymore!!!!!waaaaa.

  2. mascot not moscot

    did u watch snl tonight i, i only watched the prince skit so far and it was funny

  3. Turtles, Turtles ra ra ra.... turtles, turtles ha ha ha....mmmmmmmmmmm I love Turtles!
    I love those chocolates but I refuse to buy them because mysterically they never make it past a few days in my house, and Darren doesn't eat them so I wonder who does?
    Talk to you soon, I am off for a walk.

  4. Hi Leigh-Ann, Dad and I just got home and of course,!, I have to check the computer as soon as I put the stuff away. Did someone say looser!?!?! Oh well, I miss it when I'm away. We had a good weekend, Dad was working on the electrical, me, I just mostly relaxed, and cleaned the BBQ.
    I hardly remember the Turtles incident, I remember going there and watching Tanner, but not the chocolate thing. I was busting a gut laughing. Where did I get that will power to only take one, I must have really been embarrassed.
    Have a good week. Glad to hear you and Ty are walking, but Speedo's, I don't know about, maybe at our private little beaches, but not the big ones.
    Love Momma


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