{My Guitar Hero}

Tyson rocked a 99percent with 307 note streak tonight!!! All like a rock star in his underwear. Lol, *stratigic bluring*... Cute-cute!
Added: Lol, Tys' band name is "Eagle Chest" because his chest hair is shaped like...an eagle. I threw it out there as a joke, and he *flew* with it. My band is "The.B1rd".
Also to be noted, Guitar Hero is the best fun...it's like Dance Dance Revolution, but no energy is exherted, lol. I need another finger though, i'm still playing on easy; medium stresses me out.
Have a good day everyone! Wootwoot-Friday already!!!


  1. Hi.

    First, I only wish I could play that good on a real guitar.

    Second, as if you put a picture of me in my underwear on the internet.

    Yes it's blurred but it is still a picture of me in my underwear ;)

    Making the lady's of Winnipeg happy.

    Well this next one goes out to a special lady. My only lady.



  2. that game looks like fun! I would so suck at it though, but Jarod would probably be good.

    So he's a boxer boy hey...

  3. lol, close, boxerbriefs...
    oh he's just gonna love (sarcasm) this little conversation...lol.


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