I've been sampling this SJP perfume for a year and a half. Tyson surprised me with my own bottle this morning...YAY! Now I can regularly smell good :) I used a vacation day today....and Tyson was up for anything because its 'me birthday....so we went pottery painting at Brush Fire Studios (I call it Pottery Barn) So good! I made a utensil jar for our kitchen. With a blue partridge and lots of light green polka dots. Yumyum! It was super fun!
Tys made a giant cup...for breakfast cereal :) But it looks more like a bowl with a handle;) He put pup-paws, turtles and a Lola dog :) (Repping our family)
Lol, Tyson was doing a stop-and-go animation at supper tonight...and i popped in ;) We went to The Fyxx for sup. My favorite foods are sandwiches, salad and soup...All the good S's...so it was perfect! I had a Zorbo with Ceaser Salad...Tys had a Smokin Jack Sandwich, Man food! Then we went to my friend Juanita's....Juanita and Alexa made these sweet birthday cupcakes, and we all had a cupcake party and they sang Happy Birthday...which was the cutest rendition ever! Dawson, Alexa, Ryan, Juanita & Dave, and Tyson. Thank-You everyone for such a special day! I had about 10 messages when i got home...lots of people singing happy birthday and birthday wishes, lots of emails, calls, ecards and nice presents :) Thank-You, i felt very special! *hugs* Tys- Today was perfect, THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU! You rock the casba! "I have my own pen." -Heratio PS> Hi Sherry, "still addicted?", lol!


  1. super duper fun day..that rocks!

    see my bloggie..you've been tagged ;-)

  2. i enjoyed looking at your memory lane' of childhood pictures...you're so cute!
    happy (yesterday) birthday leigh-ann.....sorry i missed you on THE day, and 26 isn't old...im still older than you, so you have to watch the 'old lady' jokes and the 'red hat club'...hahahahaha!
    and...i must correct you on one thing in your photo display...the 'at home' pic of you working hard at the table is actually in my basement at a crop night...unless you have decorated your basement the same as mine!!! either way, whatever you make is beautiful!!
    happy day LA, see ya soon!

  3. hi Kim, Thanks :)
    a) i really do wanna be a red hat lady when i turn 50...ask Michele
    b) for the "at*home" picture...i meant that i feel at home when i'm playing&creating...*peace*...but yes, you're right, that is your basement. i don't have a basement...well--mine is mud, furnace and hot h20 tank....(our house was built in 1910)...it didn't have closets either till we reno'd. as if!

  4. What a fantastic day! Happy *belated birthday!! Thanks for the cool comments! KIT!!
    Oh, and SSS (on my blog) stands for Susan's Scrapbook Shack. I used to be on the DT there for a few years. Fun stuff, I love the girlies over there! (There's a link on my blog page). Have a super fantastic day!

  5. I'm itching to try this studio. It's something I've always wanted to do...how are the prices?


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