April 11: I'm closer to 50.

Today is my birthday :) I'm 26. Closer to 50...Red Hat Society, here i come! This is a weird number. I never thought past 25. Here's a whole lotta photos from beginning to now. Enjoy.
I'm 2 days old here. Tyson likes these photos. He pictures what our daughter(s) might look like... No- i'm not pregnant, lol. My first birthday :) Love the color and joy in this photo. Me and Manda. Mom sent this photo into the Kids Club on TV...that was pretty exciting! We were IN the box! I admired my mom....lol. Did this often---with those pantyhose eggs. Grade One :) We(Amanda and Me) were in Dance...I didn't do much dancing...I'm more of an Elaine type dancer...lol. But i'm sure likin my stems in this! I still sleep like this. my family :) Es cargo....check out Kody...he's SO cute! Also worth noting: What do we have in our hair?! Lol, oh the 80's... I grew up in the water! And i felt like a little hottie in these fake bikinis that mom always hooked us up with. Dad had a VIA rail pass (now discontinued)...so every summer, supermom would take us to Edmonton and Vancouver to holiday and see our aunts and uncles. Here we are at the ocean. It was so magical! I was 'Dolly'...Amanda with her cute spandex shorts, was the producer. *imagination* lol. Dad dug this for the basketball pole hole....we climbed in :) Isn't Kody so adorable?! At the ocean again. Love this one of Kody, Me and Amanda. Me and my best friend Michele making fancy cookies for the bake sale. We took a break from homework. Lol. Grad from High School, 99. Me and Lisa.... (Teaque, this is the closet photo i could find from when i shaved my head {I was a tomboy teenager, Mom nearly died}...it was shorter than this....) TKC...such a good good year!! In Guatemala :) '90s Night' as a Youth Group Leader... I was channeling my inner Kelly Kapowski. Graduation from TKC (Bible School) My husband, Tyson Keffer :) May 17, 2003 I became a Mama, Lola in 2003, and Penny in 2004 :) *love* at*home Me and Tyson....my best friend :) LA This is me now. I've really changed...I think of myself as a woman now, no longer as a girl. It is good! It's exciting to see what this year ahead will hold.... Age 25 was jam-packed with goodness! Yipppeeee, I'm 26 now!! Yikes, I better start popping out some kids, these eggs will be dehydrated before i know it, lol. Have a great day everyone! Love LA


  1. Samaunt says: LA. . .that was most enjoyable as it gave me food for thought re: my own family. You guys were and are still so cute and pretty and handsome. That pix you posted when you were sleeping after returning from Van. I had to take a double-take as I thought that was myself sleeping there.

    It is so enjoyable reading. . .I was going to say 'daily column' but I mean 'daily blog'. Keep it up!

    Happy Birthday!!!
    . . . .if we don't connect on the phone, or cell, or via walkie talkies, or satellite phone, or computer, or blackberry, or Morse Code, or a pager, or smoke signals, or a ham radio set in a Semi truck going South. . . . . .I wish for you laughter and joy -- and all good things for the year to come.

  2. happy birthday miss freckles!!!!!!
    what a great photo montage(is that how you spell montage???)i see some definate scrappin' potential there you know! All the best to you today-rock your bday!

  3. Well, here is the Husband comment,

    Ive never seen most of those pictures, but they excite me, speaking of Eggs, I have work to do (in the kitchen cooking breaky).

    Happy 26 baby,


  4. Happy Birthday Leigh-Ann. you look so pretty in the last photo. Hope you get spoiled. Have a great day!

    Love Always Holly

  5. my head looks HUGE in the snail pic, what the F its in its basketball developing stage then, more volleyball size, i curse this large cranium,

    i thought i sent this this morning but it didnt work for some reason

    Happy B-DAY LA (notice the correct spelling),
    love the brother from the same mother, (that is providing im not adopted)

  6. Happy Birthday to my oldest baby, where have 26 years gone????Looking back at all these pictures have brought back many happy, beautiful memories of when you, Amanda, and Kody were little. Oh the train rides we used to take, but they were fun. I love this time when you are all adults now, but I loved to take care of you, listened to you play in the yard, and loved the little ones that needed their Mom. Oops, they still need their Mom. Having the 3 of you in 3 years was very busy!!!!

    Beautiful blog entry Leigh-Ann:)
    Glad you had a great day on your birthday with Tyson. What did you make at the Pottery Barn?

    Love Momma

  7. Wow. That was so fun to look at! I loved seeing you as a baby and growing up. What a fun way to celebrate your b-day. I hope you had a good night with Ty...or are still having a good one.... I know your mom reads this. Sorry LA's mom!

    You may be 26 but you're still a year and a half(almost) younger than me! Happy B!

  8. That's OK Jill!!! They are in love and they are married!

    Leigh-Ann's Mom

  9. Lol, oh you two....chillax. Family Guy is on ;)

  10. Yay! Have some babies!!

    Love the last photo you hottie!

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    Yay for painting ceramic stuff!

    Your grade one pic ROCKS!

    love alice

  11. Oh my gosh the ones of you and I making cookies.. that's as oldie for sure. I remember that day like yesterday.... Darren says to me "who is that guy with Leigh-Ann?" lol.... I love the one with you dressed as Dolly. I laughed hysterically because it looks like Kody is looking up your skirt. Oh and the other funnny one is the grad picture like nice makeup Michele.... thanks for the ggod laughs and memories. The last picture of you, you look absolutely stunning.
    ps wanna come over this weekend to do some homework?

  12. Leigh-Ann's Momma4/12/2007 04:15:00 pm

    Oh Michelle.......
    I was looking closely at the grad picture and your make up, yah whats up with the bright blue and batting your eyes yet?????? Very cute, that's why Darren married you!!!
    Take care.

    Love Momma(Sharon)

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! I loved your photos.


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