Vintage Cottage

My first completed 10.5x10.5" album. For Vintage Cottage.
{Click the Photos to Enlarge}


  1. very cooooool leigh-ann!! i'm sure jill will like it. i love all the clear and silver buttons and beads in the backside.
    so let me guess, you've probably ordered your steamer for 4 EASY payments of $29.95??? that's less money for you to spend in vancouver, on let's seeee.....buttons
    i love you!!!!
    !!!!!SIGNATURE POSE!!!don't laugh

    love momma

  2. Jill LOVES it!!! I spent some time staring at it today - it's on display in my living room, out of lukies reach of course!!!

    LA, You're the best!~

  3. love it!!! i really like the color theme you put's soooo "vintage cottage-y"

  4. Oh how gorgeous!! You are so amazing LA, so talented!


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