Bad blogger these days. Next week will be better. I'll blog from Vancouver!!! 5 days left till I go to Vancouver, Artistry and meet Alice (we've become good friends; but have never met...found each other online...lots in comman, she's cool.) But lol, when I tell people i'm going to meet/hang with a friend i made "over the internet"...they usually fearfully say "but what if shes some creepy old man"...and she's had the same response from her fam&friends. My brother Matt (Matt who thinks the internet is pure bad)...he fliped & looked at me like he was never gonna see me again. Then I told him I'm staying with her, and lol, he hit the fan! Here's some silly photos I've found lately. Is the baby foot real? Is that possible? Bye Matt :*( PS> AuntSam-I'm gonna have your 2 things ready by Monday. I'll call you ;)


  1. rotflmao!
    yes us sb'ers are the dangerous out for those paper trimmers..lmao!

    you are going to scrap artistry?
    i am JEALOUS!!!

    i want to see photos..LOTS of photos!

    love the pics! i did a little photo yesterday myself!

  2. Samaunt says: Hey Leigh-Ann Grandma told me today about your trip to Vancouver. Can I hide in your suitcase? You could smuggle me onto the plane. I have a girlfriend there who I could stay with. lol Looking forward to getting my new unique bag. Thanks! Talk to you on Monday.

  3. Hi Leigh-Ann
    I'll be like you, 8 more days till S.B. and 15 more till G.F., can't wait. Bet you can't guess what I'm talking about.
    Yes that foot would be real, remember your sister was pregnant and you could see her stomach moving. Is that Penny or just coincidence that she looks the same. We should try the (whatever kind of fruit that is)on Callie, she would have the same grumpy face if not grumpier.
    Bye Love Momma

  4. So I'm cool am I :) When you get here we should get you to pose for a photo with some old man and send the pics to your family saying that it's "Alice". haha oh this is so fun!

    ok these pics are all adorable! At first I thought the pregnant one was your sister and I was about to freak out about how cool it is. But it's not her. But it's still very cool! LOVE the hedgehogs!


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