she's not an old man.

We went to the ocean today. Soo fun. Looked for heart rocks and jumped on see weed poppers. I think i was having one of my conversations with myself here...but my legs look really long...i like it ;)
Yay!! Gizmo is the cutest and he cuddles with me...we just had a nap together....he's adorable!

A welcome basket from Alice and Jarod. They're so nice. And i feel very welcome :) Alice is awesome! There's no awkwardness...lots of laughs...feels like we've always know each other :)

So glad to be here :) Tyson: Hope you feel better soon honey. Drink lots of juice and let the girls take care of you. Wish you weren't sicky.

Mom: Ellice is awesome. I got you a little something today. You've been wanting one for a long time. And it's pale yellow. ;)

Amanda Ross: Thanks for the email :) Hugs and Bistros!

Teaque: Breathe. You'll be okay :)

I have more good pictures...but am i'll do that tomorrow or something. off to my pretty ikea bed. It's 11:30pm here, 1:30am Wpg time...and i slept a total of 2 hours last night. We're going to Granville Island tomorrow, The Naam, and Main Street.

I'M HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Leigh-Ann, Hi Alice(Ellice) and Jarod oops and Gizmo. I'm sooooooo glad to here that Alice and Jared aren't OLD MEN LA. LOL Especially Gizmo!
    Isn't the ocean wonderful, I love going to it. What did you get that was yellow LA? star fish maybe? You sound like you have had a buzy day already. Enjoy Granville island, its fun. I wish I was there! Have fun girls.
    Did you tell Ellice (he, he, he) that I read her blog sometime too, you are very artistic Alice.
    Love Momma

  2. How good of a friend am I, I didn't even realize you had left! Guess that's what happens with me and dates - times etc. You know me. I was going to call you about some new news - some not so good. But I'll wait till you get back to tell you. Have tonnes of fun. I love your beach pictures! Is the weather nice?

  3. Hey baby,

    I am so glad that you are having such a good time, the girls and I already miss you. I think lola probably suspects I did something, she keeps looking at me very suspiciously.

    Of course I explain that you are just out of town.

    Anyways, Penny says Hi and "pet me, pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me!

    Tyson , Lola and Penny

  4. ur hair looks red
    hey i impersinated another phone call as though i was dad, and if we go watch a 90 minutes video a resort on ellice, we get a chance to win a 2 year lease on a truck or 15 grand and just for going we get a 75 smacker gift certificate to earls
    i love accepting calls like that for mom and dad more dad though i can do a good mom voice

  5. I am happy to hear that you are finally there... I hope you enjoy your time away from Winnipeg!!!
    Have fun and hope to hear about your adventures when you return.


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