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I spent the day in...sleeping and playing with a snorty Gizmo. He's so adorable...he sniffles and snorts most of the time, and it is totally endearing! I am happy to report that I am already on the mend; Didn't get sick at all today :) Just weak, but a trip to Purdy's for ice cream cured that, LOL ;) Tomorrow is our first day of Artistry!! Yaaaay!!! We've packed up our totes, and are SO excited!!! Ali Edwards is our teacher tomorrow! I might just pee my pants!!! Goodnight, LA from VA *tehe*


  1. ICE CREAM Leigh-ann, the cream will just curdle in your stomach????
    And don't pee your pants, that won't make you popular with Ali Edwards!!!
    Have fun today and watch what you EAT.
    Love Momma
    PS-Do you remember if you have any of the little mini zigzag scrapbooks @ home in pink or suitable for a girl? A former customer at my work needs one. Just say yes or no when you read this. Mom

  2. Mom. is it okay if i have McDonalds with Cocacola for breakfast? Well balanced right? I'll assume by your silence right now that that is a good idea. yes. yes, this is a good idea.
    What do you mean zigzag albums? my regular book albums--but small? For the little ones, I only have another Mon Cheri Album, but i think it is at Keepsakes. Tyson's going there today to pickup a tote i sold, so try to get a hold of him and he can pick that up too.
    Love you,

  3. LA, i told you to stay away from your moms cooking for a while because of your family photo post...heehee
    hope your feeling better for breakfast? oh what the heck, you're on holidays right?

    have a blast with ali...wear depends!!


  4. Oh boy, ice creme hey? Well whatever works when you're sick. :P You know I am a big supporter of McDonalds Breakfast ANYTIME!!!!!!! Have fun with Ali, and like Kim said, you might wanna wear depends :P

    Have you seen Thelma yet? Or your button dealer??? :P


  5. Why did I get a mental image of a pecking chicken when I read your moms entry??

    Lub you


  6. I'll get even with you Tyson, I know where you live!!

    Love (not) Momma


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