Stay tuned...

1. I've been in cahootz with 2 talented graphic designers.... New things to come late tonight!! 2. We bought a new toy last night :) It's white fruit(thats a clue)!! Early birthday for Freckled Nest/Me!
3. A year ago tomorrow is Freckled Nest's anniversary; the day I built the first book album! A little reminising post tomorrow :)
4. I met my name twin today!! Her name is Leighann too!! She has a hyphen, but dropped it.. Sing it> "I'm bringin Hyphen Back, YA!"
Hi Leighann! *so weird to say*
Edited: ***Not tonight...maybe tomorrow....sorry***


  1. Hi my name twin .. I could use the hyphen if it would "bring sexy, oops I mean hyphen back". Thanks for the shout out!! :)

    Leigh-Ann's rule!!

  2. I just want to add that saying "Hi Leigh-Ann" is really odd, espically when your at work & helping out a client, in this case someone with the same name & spelling as you!!

    I do use the hyphen sometimes, I dropped it because too many people ask what a hyphen is!!

  3. Anyone else wanna join our Leigh-Ann Club?? Only Requirement, your name has to be Leigh-Ann. Poor you all!

  4. Be Strong! Show us Hyphen Names Proud and sing our theme song loud!
    Hey--I rhymed?!...look at that...

  5. I'll just have my own club then. The Alice club. My club is better than your club because it has me in it :)

    I want to know who the graphic designers are!!!!! oh.. and I'm hooked on this song. I leave your blog open in the background so I can listen to it while I surf.

  6. Is your new toy an albino grapefruit? I've heard that those are really fun.

  7. I know what it is....hehe so jellous!



    That tickles my funny bone.

    Anyways, I love the pic of that TV. I want one!

    And again I can't wait to see you after work

    And Again.

    Love ya.



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