finished commissions

I did these 2 albums today for a fellow paper-addict, Sue-Ann :) I blinged them out with some of my new Vintage Buttons...hope she likes! They're gifts for her two daughters vacation photos.
{I'm liken the thinner size; 1.5" thick w/ 3 sections instead of the usual 2" w/4sections.}


  1. Sue-Ann is 2 names like yours, people probably ask if her name is Sue just like Leigh. Just to let you know.

    Love Momma
    (I've cooled off from that last e-mail, enough to say love)

  2. very fresh looking! love the little zig zag edge!

  3. So pretty! I'm so excited for mine~! I can't wait to show everyone!

  4. Eeeeee these are so pretty! Love the new size too!

  5. just had to tell you something sooooo cute!
    i'm sitting down here with tyler while he's coloring and then all of a sudden he starts singing the chorus part of this song you have on your blog...!!! i guess he's been listening lots while i'm on the was totally quiet until he started singing, so i had to play it for him while i comment for you...he likes the video too! just had to share...and this song really is contagious you know!
    oh, ps,
    stay away from pie at your moms this weekend...

  6. Hi LA
    i tried e-mailing you but it wouldn't work for me
    sue-ann LOVED the albums
    she would like buttons on the front and she gave me a cheque
    i'll drop them off tomorrow along with the covers i've done
    hope you had a good day

    love momma
    you can delete this once you've read it OR IT WILL SELF DESTRUCT!!!


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